More Manufacturing Orders

RFQ.Directory knows how difficult and complicated it is for a manufacturer of product and service to have a constant flow of manufacturing orders. Also, sometimes you need a quick solution to a material, job or a manufacturing problem. RFQ.Directory's "capabilities" listings offers a solution to these problems. RFQ.Directory's "capabilities" listings can balance your workflow by supply orders from global buyers.

RFQ.Directory intends to offer a bridge between people that want to have the best manufacturing services, and those that are able to offer these services. To be able to be a part of the bidder list inquiry system, it is essential:

  1. For manufacturers, suppliers to create a "capabilities" listing. The "capabilities" listing is the basis for a company to become a part of the "bidders listing system". The "capabilities" listing enables buyers and purchasers to evaluate which companies could meet their need to fulfill a certain delivery or manufacturing project. Bidding lists that are fully completed make greater chances for inquiries, manufacturing, supply, design and construction work orders.
  2. Buyers place their inquiries, or RFQ's (Requests For Quotation) in the RFQ section. Manufacturers can also be buyers, for instance when they want to ask other manufacturers to produce certain items for them. In that case, manufacturers simply place a RFQ from their account where they also manage their Bidders Listing.