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56 Austhorpe Rd Leeds West Yorkshire England LS15 8DX Leeds, England LS15 8DX United Kingdom

All our machines come with a full onsite warranty, we also offer breakdown service and spare parts for your existing machinery. Clients are very welcome to visit our factory and works in Leeds where you can see over 400 brand new machines and visit o

Products: Leather Machinery, Sewing Machinery

26 McEwan Drive, Unit # 12 Bolton, Ontario L7E 1E6 Canada Bourget, Ontario L7E 1E6 Canada

Challenger Butterfly Valves and Controls are a wholly owned Canadian valve manufacturer established in 1996. The concept behind Challenger Butterfly Valves and Controls was to redesign the conventional resilient seated butterfly valve based o...

Products: Butterfly Valves, Wafer Check Valves, Pneumatic Actuators, Electric Actuators, HVAC Products, Automation Products

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The RFQ & Manufacturers Bidding List System is a combined quotation request and bidding system. Buyers place an inquiry or request for quotation, RFQ. Sellers create, in response, a quotation. Your Bidders Listing floats permanently through the system, independent of RFQ’s, and visitors respond to when they are searching for a certain product or service. It is important that your company products and services are on the bidders’ list so that you are a part of the inquiry system. You can list one product in a listing that your company supplies, or as many listings as you like per product. The more specific you are about what your company is able to provide, the more inquiries you will receive.

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Start with creating your Business Profile. The Business Profile is the basis of all your commercial activities. Manufacturers: Manufacturers have to become a member of the Bidders Listings System. The Bidders Listing will show your capabilities to global purchasers and buyers. It is important that you complete the Manufacturers Bidders List as detailed as possible, only then you will maximize your chances for inquiries, manufacturing, supply, design and construction work orders

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